This page is based on How to be an Explorer of the World by Keri Smith. I will be updating with each entry on here accordingly, although I won't be completing them in order most likely. They will be numbered in the order they appear in the book.

(p.s. I'm linking her website here, as there is someone with the same name who is circulating hate and bigotry and that is NOT who created this work)

Exploration 1

Right Where I'm Sitting (4/3/2024)

Ten things about the space I am in right now.

  1. There is a pair or tortishell sunglasses that have been sitting on this table for weeks now. No one has claimed them so they sit here waiting for their owner to return. Sad.
  2. There is a small plastic cauldron that used to house a succulent sitting on this table as well. It's been here since Halloween. I kept telling myself I would take it home and nurse it back to health but I never did and it died.
  3. The fire extinguisher next to me just had its monthly inspection today. The yellow tag has been marked accordingly.
  4. The lights are buzzing extremely loud, alongside the water fountain. They sound like static.
  5. The plaque commemorating the choir room's dedication looks crooked from where I'm sitting.
  6. The light I can see coming through the door to the outside is shifting concerningly fast.
  7. It looks like there is a smudge on the security camera but it's just the reflection of the table I'm sitting at.
  8. There are pinecones on this table that have been here for around two years now. The girl who put them here graduated last spring.
  9. The wind outside just picked up, and now it's audible through the door. It's raining now.
  10. There used to onnly be two chairs at this table and now there are four. The other two came from a different part of the hallway where they were against the wall.