Sol's Soul


This website started out as a little project of mine, with no real direction or plan. I am happy to say that nothing has changed! I've just gotten better at coding lmao.

I'm Solaris, a jack-of-all-trades if you will. I am still figuring stuff out on here, but thank you all for being patient!



FINALLY added my Original Characters page!!! Only three of them for now but more will get added eventually.


Slowly but surely updating my pages. Added Explorations in my writings section.


Added my art gallery! OC gallery coming soon.


Joined the muse ariadne writing club! with a shiny new page to go with it :)

Also, I am reworking some pages, thanks for the patience!


I now have a door, made for Houses by mypillowfort! (and a house to go along with it as well lol)


joined the HMH pixel club by floral tears!

New blog updates

10/16/23 New Layout?!?!?!?!

I hated the old one, I never actually meant for it to be permanent tbh.


A blue button with the name and the atrological symbol for Pisces in it

Monique from Animal Crosing, she is a white cat with orange hair, red lipstick, and a mole underneath one her eyes. She wears a purple dress.

::everyone needs a hug::